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2022 Lucid Air Rental

2022’s Car of the Year! Our brand new Lucid Air Grand Touring is among the earliest delivered.
Try ours out as a demo test drive meanwhile Lucid follows Tesla’s model of no dealerships. This extended battery pack boasts 500 miles of range and can utilize the Electrify America DC Fast charging network for free with an iPhone, any public charging station, or wall outlet with the included 110v or 220v mobile connector.

With an MSRP of $154,000, this luxury sedan’s features are endless. The Napa leather extends everywhere, the extra long wheel base offers rear passengers just as much legroom as the front, and the soft close doors seal the cabin for ultra quiet comfort. It’s performance is equally excessive; 0-60mph in under 3 seconds.

If you are new to Electric Vehicles don’t worry, we are advocates and will offer a great introduction and any help along the way as needed. We are a 5-star Super Host for a reason! As a family, someone is always available for pickup, delivery, or last minute event requests. This car is not your average EV, we are making it available for events, industry purposes, display, and comparison testing. Thank you for telling us about your event requests!

For more information on Jeff’s 2022 Lucid Air rental listed on the Turo car sharing marketplace, please click on the button below.